Hi! We are writing to you straight from the heart of Hyb, the most passionate part of this brand that is showing itself to the world in all its beauty, since this is where it all began, everything you can see now a few months ago did not exist at all but now it's a reality growing at a crazy pace, so that is the reason why we are receiving thousands of daily requests by potential influencers who want to be official Hyb Ambassadors.

We carry out the policy of the common dream: if we want something to happen, we must pursue a common dream; our dream is to make Hyb a world-renowned brand and yours is to be able to say "I'm one of them", it's nice to be proud of something special! ;-)

If you are here, it's because you really believe you can give your contribution to this brand and receive in exchange all its beauty, fame, visibility and energy. You know you have what it takes to gain a front-row seat in our company... You have a community that follows you, loves your contents, your style and trusts you! That's awesome!

If all these features reflect your personality, then you are what we are looking for and vice versa!

To be a Hyb Ambassador and receive all the products you want for free, show up on our pages, join our events and future projects, all you have to do is order your first favourite outfit on our store (1 top and 1 leggings or other 2 outifts of your choice) and request a 10% discount code for your followers with your favourite nickname by email to or direct Instagram on the official profile "hyb.original" (the discount code can be applied also to the up to 50% discounts already present on the site).

From this moment on, it is up to you! We are the first brand that doesn't put any constraints or limitations onthe creativity of ambassadors, giving you total freedom to create contents over time, in the quantity and modality you prefer, ALWAYS RESPECTING THE REGULATIONS ON DAMAGE TO IMAGE. If from this moment on, thanks to your visibility, you manage to generate at least 3 sales with a minimum purchase of 50€ within 7 days from your first post, WE WILL REFUND THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF YOUR ORDER, the outfit will be yours and completely free.

Thanks to this method and procedure that you can repeat indefinitely, you can request all the outfits you want.

To guarantee this procedure, we ask you to send us 3 purchase screenshots sent by your followers with order number and check out screen or order confirmation email. Why do we recommend this? Because many buyers while buying forget to enter your code and therefore it would not be in your name, whereas with this proof we can still attribute it to you!

So far 96% of our Ambassadors have succeeded without problems, if you have a number of followers from 5000 upwards, it will be a cakewalk: as absurd as it may sound, you just need 3 friends buying after seeing your post and the outfit will be yours for free and we guarantee you that our products sell easily as it's hard to resist! ;-)

You can apply this procedure whenever you want a new Hyb outfit! To receive information and suggestions, if you need them, and to communicate your bank details for the refund after showing the 3 proofs of purchase of your followers, contact us at the address you find in the "Contacts" section.

That said, all you have to do is run to our store and order your favorite outfit and knuckle down to yourcontents! If you have specific questions about Hyb Ambassadors project write an email to specifying your personal details and the link of your main social profiles.